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Whole Coffee Beans, Grind for Espresso, Grind for Press




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Origin: Ethiopia
Variety: Kurume
Region: Yirgacheffe, Gedeo Zone
Producer: Adorsi Small Holders
Altitude: 1950-2150 masl
Process: Natural
Flavors: Jasmine, Orange, Blueberry, Passion Fruit, Red Plum
Omni Roast

Where is Aricha?

Aricha finds itself in the Gedeo Zone and Yirgacheffe Woreda. In official terms, it’s a kebele. You can reach the micro-region by taking the A8-highway that penetrates Gedeo from north to south. Honestly, it’s not a highway because it’s two lanes broad, dusty, and rocky. You need skill or a local driver to master this road and reach your destination unharmed. The kebele sits on the Eastern slope of the Great Rift Valley. Cool temperatures accustom to 2000 m.a.s.l. and light breezes make it an excellent holiday destination.

The farmer communities of Aricha

Coffee is a community beverage in Ethiopia. Not a one-man-show. Large and small groups, often without an official name, harvest cherries and take these to the nearest washing station for payout. The farming communities in the kebele of Aricha are Gersi, Idido, Reko Onancho, and, the like-named, Aricha. Faysel estimates that one-thousand Aricha coffee growers visit the Aricha washing station to sell their cherries.


The Aricha (Adorsi) washing station

Going back to Faysel’s fateful meeting with growers and elders. After taking on the monumental task of building a new Yirgacheffe coffee hub, Faysel and his team got to work. Aricha washing station, or known to some as Adorsi, needed maintenance to welcome the first cherries in 2018. But they got the processing train rolling and the first lots shipping with our help in 2019. And come to think of it, these first batches were featured in The Ethiopian Cup and sold for handsome prices and above-average premiums.

Coffee in Aricha

The Yirgacheffe coffee taste enjoys world-wide recognition. And the Aricha coffees are no exception. The bright citric acidity, floral brilliance, and chocolate/peachy undertones only start to describe what Aricha brings to the table.

Within the Aricha kebele, we often see these varieties pop up: Wolisho, Kurume, and Dega. And then there’s a pile of unidentifiable local landrace varieties which add to the mystery of the Yirgacheffe coffee taste.