Ethiopia, Burtukaana Danche

80.00 QAR

Weight1000 kg

Whole Coffee Beans, Grind for Espresso, Grind for Filter


1000g, 250g


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Burtukaana Danche

Origin: Ethiopia
Variety: Wolisho, Dega
Region: Chelbesa, Gedeo
Altitude: 2000 – 2300 masl
Process: Natural
Flavors: Mandarin Orange, Strawberry, Jasmine, Stonefruit


Our partners from SNAP own two washing stations in Worka Chelbesa village in Gedeb: Chelbesa and Danche. This particular coffee comes from Danche Washing Station, which buys cherries from 400 farmers that are 1-2 ha on average and that sit at high altitudes (2000-2300 masl).

Bright floral aromas like orange blossom define the complexity of this coffee. Strawberry sweetness is also present dressed with orange-like acidity throughout.

About the naming:
Burtukaana means “orange” in the Oromiffa language, and this is the concept we use to describe the flavour profile of this coffee. Burtukaana coffees are round, citric, with stone fruit notes, and a good structure overall.