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Owner: Carlos Henrique Ribeiro do Valle

Region: Guaxupé – South of Minas

Variety: Red Catuaí

Harvesting season: May to September

Processes: Natural

Hectares: 250 in coffee plantation, 500ha in total

Annual Production: 8.000 bags

Altitude: 1.150 meters high

UTZ Certified | Certifica Minas | BSCA Member

The family and its history

Monte Alto Farm has the coffee vocation in its tradition. The Ribeiro do Valle family has been dedicated to the coffee culture for at least 136 years, being today in the ninth generation. The family’s patriarch is very well-known in the region, by the name “Barão de Guaxupé”, which is also their coffee brand which they sell for the local market. The farm house is a something else. A place that has been carefully restored and preserved by its owners.


There’s a place dedicated to some relics; belongings from a past life. The owner’s intention is to turn this house into a museum, to tell people about his ancestors’ stories.

More than 30 families live and work in the property. Curiously, the great part are offsprings of previous residents. They created an amazing relationship with the farm and the people around.

One of the highlighted spots in the property is a huge Jequitibá tree, native species, with estimated age of over 1.000 years.

During the 1945 crisis they suffered financially and almost sold the tree, but the owner refused, saying it had personal value to him and his family and that would represent their strength during difficult times. Eventually, the farm recovered itself and has been preserving the tree ever since.


Coffee production

Its first coffee plantation was around 1880, planted by the current owner’s first generation. With a mountainous relief, the harvest on the farm is done manually in 70% of the area. The other 30% counts with brand new machinery to do the crop. Lots of improvements were implanted in the farm during these past few years. The old patio became a beautiful garden in front of the house and now the work is done in a new one, with double the size, in a higher spot, where the sunlight reaches during the whole morning and afternoon. The washers are also brand new, and with one advantage: they use way less water than the conventional ones.


Besides de patio, they own a large and complete structure for the dryers and the woonden boxes so the coffees can rest separately after the lots passed through all the steps. They also use their raising beds, more ofter to prepare nano and micro lots.


With basically 50% of the property dedicated to the forest (with much influence of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest), keeping the micro climate in perfect harmony, Fazenda Monte Alto counts on the assistance of a biologist to catalog the many species of local fauna and flora. In a greenhouse, the team cultivates seedlings of native fruitfull and flowering trees found on the area for planting and for donations. Around the land, there are many preservation areas for lakes and water sources.

Such abundance of fresh water enables the farm to make rational use of the resource and also helps in the supply of the municipality, always paying attention to the health of the environment and the natural balance.


Monte Alto also develops social work with the local community, offering computer classes for the kids, teenagers and young adults, library, playground, cooking classes, horseback riding and many other activities. A partnership created with the Federal Institution of Muzambinho (a city near Guaxupé) was a great step to the farm. The students learn about the native fauna and flora, catalogue all the species and also how to take care of the environment with simple daily basis actions.

Recently, Monte Alto Farm has installed photovoltaic plates so that all installations make use of solar energy, that is, a clean resource, an investment totally thought out for the more sustainable future of coffee growing with which the whole team has been working.


In 2020, the Ribeiro do Valle family received the incredible news that their special coffee, a Yellow Bourbon, was in second place in the Cup of Excellence classification, receiving 88.94 points according to the international jury of the competition. An achievement that indicates to Carlos Henrique, Marina and their offsprings that all the effort has been worth and the whole team is on the right path.